4 May 2017

Remember my SNAP piggybank, which I was supposed to collect to fulfill my dream? Photos under the post show how the power of dreams works, as faith in their fulfillment brings what we want. I would like to share with you my little “look” at this SNAP PHOTO FESTIVAL. Besides the masses of photos I brought something that can not be displayed so well, but I hope that you will see in my photograph somewhere, and also notice in me. It was an extraordinary time full of smile, good fun, and at the very end of many tears. Because do not cry when you feel like you have to leave your big family.
It’s not just a workshop, it’s a lot more – you’re thinking about how much knowledge you can get there, and you’re coming back not just as a better photographer, but above all as a better person. Thanks to everyone and everyone for every conversation, every hug and every moment spent together. I already miss you!!!

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